Monday, June 28, 2010

The Top 10 Songs About Masturbation! Say What?

You probably didnt even know, or forgot, or secretly like these uhh anthems of uhh self pleasure some are blatant hedonistic songs about playing with yourself while some of them had you singing along mindlessly to songs that were about thrusting your love muscle and you didnt even know it! here are the best of the rock n roll era released in the last 25 years for the art of being an auto-sexual

tweet r&b TWEET - OOPS OH MY Before the prhase Tweet meant annoying unnecessary messages at 140 caracthers or less it was the name of a promising R&B singer and Track #7 Her first hit in 2002 blew the roof with this massive Missy Elliot penned and Timbaland produced funk jam that went to a place that most R&B favorite tracks dont dare to go, she was talking about pleasuring her chocolate pink and only the most naive people didnt get it! but Missy's adlibs shouldve made it obvious this is a classic forgotten album Tweet Southern Hummingbird

cindy lauper CYNDI LAUPER - SHE BOP Her 1984 follow up to the playful womens anthem Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, yes they want to and this is how they do it. This one completely got past the censors and you had elementary kids singing this filth and they and probably there parents had no idea what the song was about. But it included lyrics saying they say I better stop or I'll go blind great stuff! Cindee Lauper - Shes So Unusual

michael jackson reissue MICHAEL JACKSON - BEAT IT Ok this has never been confirmed to be about jacking your dick but lets face it the title of the song is called BEAT IT and of course you remember the video with an all male cast, not one single female in it, and dudes in a gang fight that turns into a broadway musical once MJJ shows up, and the repetitive suggestive lyric over and over and over just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it with that heavy breathing, now youuuuuuuu tell me thats not about jacking off. RIP Mike Jacko you got one pass the censors and it became one of your top 5 biggest hits! Michal Jackson's Thriller

purple rain appolonia PRINCE - DARLING NIKKI Lets face it Prince was the erotic explicit pied piper of R&B years before you heard of R Kelly and he pushed the envelope first on the type of raw sexuality that people were ready for in a "pop star" Jefferson Airplane (Starship) and Kool N The Gang started raw and cleaned up there stuff to be more corporate rock and soul but not Prince he kept it raw like sushi, and you know the lyrics. I met this girl named Nicki I guess you can say she was a sex fiend/I met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine! The Kid pulled no punches! Awesome! Prince Purple Rayne

turning japanese THE VAPORS - TURNING JAPANESE Another subversive classic from a forgotten New Wave band from the UK but the song lives forever in tongue in cheek joke infamy. People sung this in 1980 thought it was an ode to Japanese culture but in reality it is a slang term that when you are masturbating you squint so hard when you orgasm that it makes your turn japanese! completely racist and filthy all in one but it was a hit! the bastards fooled everybody if you ever see the video on VH-1 Classic you will bust out laughing now! The Vapors - Turning Japnese

Rounding out the Top 10

6. Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol... Oh? thats what he meant, Billy loved the double entendre

7. I Touch Myself - The Devinyls... So smooth it sounds too romantic to be this filthy

8. The Reflex - Duran Duran... Whey dont you use it, try not to bruise it. case closed

9. Pink - Fingers... I let my fingers do the walking to her "Pink" how ironic!

10. Britney Spears - Touch Of My Hand...Yep she went there as early as 2003!

choking the chicken

Pussy is sweet, so is honey. Jack Your Dick And Save your money - Old Army Saying


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