Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toni Braxton New CD Pulse! Projected To Bomb Badly!

toni braxton pulse

We all love Tony Braxton and wish her well but its been challenging for her lately weve learned that she owes the IRS big bank, is now separation from husband Keri Lewis (of Mint Condition) In addition she has been fighting health projects, her son was diagnosed as being austistic and her last CD Libra failed despite having a strong critically acclaimed single PLEASE (I got to breath) she launched a lawsuit against her former manager Bernie Hankerson for $10 million dollars charging him with fraud. So in other words the last 10 years have not been so great so one of the worlds hottest MILFS at the time of his writing Toni is 41 years old but she look so damn good and is in such great shape she could pass for 25!

Anyway enough of the window dressing the critics and blogosphere has nothing but negatives to say about her Pulse releases with most reviewers saying that the album doesnt have one, and TB is stuck in the early 90's. I bet she missing those days when your debut album goes 7x platinum and you rack up 6 grammys. The record industry overall is in the toilet but major stars can still move 750 thousand to 2 million units. But based on projections this Pulse album released on May 4th, 2010 will do about 10,000 to 15,000 units it first week, which means it will probably top out at 50-60,000 if they are lucky thats only 10% of the way to a gold record, which means her unit sales dropped from a 2010 Bentley to a 1992 Ford Festiva. To tell you the truth I think Miss Braxton is the victim of being caught in that trap were shes too old for teens to relate to (they are into Nikki Menaj or Riahanna) and her original audience has lost track of her and they are in there 30's and 40's now and raising kids and not even aware she has new music out. In addtion shes been out trying to stay relevant with exploits such as her club event seen GRINDING ON WHITE RAPPER ASHER ROTH she also did well on Dancing WIth The Stars and Her Las Vegas show was well received butas a recording artist she may be done. i wish Toni the best but it doesnt look good for her as a recording artist her new management and label shouldve hired Maxwell for a duet or something, best of luck to her i hope the projections are wrong but we'll see support her by buying the TONI BRAXTON - PULSE CD

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