Monday, June 21, 2010

Rich Harrison The Hottest Producer You Never Heard Of!

When You think of Super Producers in Hip Hop And R&B what are the first names that come to mind? Is it Timbaland, Dr Dre, The Neptunes, Scott Storch, or maybe The Neptunes, Jermaine Dupri anyone? You probably would never say RICH HARRISON. and you probably wouldnt know Richie if he stepped into your house with a shirt on that say my name is Rich Harrison, buttttt this Washington DC native has worked his way into the upper echelon of sought after producers. His big break came producing Beautiful Ones off of Mary J Bliges Brilliant Mary Album from 1999. The cut may have been one of the strongest cuts on the album but wasnt released as a single but it did make the industry take notice that this dude was for real. His biggest hits utilized his native Go Go riddim in them with Beyonce's Crazy In Love going #1 and Amerie's 1 Thing going top 5! Much Praise to Mr Harrison Youve Earned the props im giving you here, not a household name but a top tier quality producer of hot tracks in a industry of subpar plastic mp3 disposable fakeness you are producing the hot buttered soul of your generation that will last forever. The Ny Times Calls him one of musics most exciting producers and I agree.. Props #Rich Harrison Wikipedia Page

rich harrison go go

Rich Harrison's Best Work!! (Click the Art To Get the Disc or MP3 At Cd Universe)

(1 Thing From Amerie's Touch Album)
amerie Touch mp3

(Crazy In Love From Beyonce's Dangerously In Love Album)
beyonce crazy in love

(Get Right From Jennifer Lopez Get Right Album)
beyonce crazy in love

(Freak Em Dress And Sugar Mama From Beyonce B-Day Album)
beyonce b-day

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