Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rap Pioneer The Guru of Gangstarr Dies At 43

guru dead

This was a shock to hear that the Guru had passed. I didnt even know he was sick. but hes now passed from Cancer. My first moment hearing Gangstarr and there jazz influenced style i was impressed. This wasnt a duo interested in going pop like Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or trying to be sexy to appeal to the ladies like LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane were into, The Gangstar was into straight up street level, timbo wearing head bashing beat inspired with jazz hooks and scratches. The Gurus casual flow and DJ Primos crushing beats delivered critical acclaimed album after album and even spinning off Jeru Tha Damaja with his hip hop Classic Come Clean. the tracks from the Gang will live forever among true hip hop fans that hated commercial rap they were heroes. with Just to Get A rep, Suckers need Body guards, Dwyck with Nice and Smooth, Whos Going To Take The Weight. One of the few 80's rap groups from NYC that survived the early 90's West Coast barrage and remainded consistently popular. And his DJ the ever relentless Primo created classics for Biggie Smalls With Unbelievable and Kick In The Door. Rest in Peach Guru you will be missed.
#Mass Appeal The Best Of Gangstarr

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