Monday, July 12, 2010

50 Cent Disses P-Diddy Cause Him A Blood Sucker

Heres Fiddy running off at the mouth dissing Rick Ross. That is nothing new, he seems to have a hard dick about exposing Ross The Boss and his fakeness. Going from working in a correctional facility to taking on the persona of a Miami Drug Kingpin. Thats old news but for Fif to so openly diss Diddy is a surprise, I havent seen him take on such a big fish but hes telling the truth that nobody has the balls or the clout to back up. And that is that Diddy is a punk ass nigga. 50 calls him Blood Sucker 2 mins and 30 seconds in were he says he sucks the blood out of his artist. what artist exist AFTER there interaction with him? and you know you are right. I think of the careers of Black Rob, Carl Thomas, Gdep, Cassie, 112, Total or whoever you name, Post Bad Boy there career is in the toilet. Even the reality making the band shows are just a self serving tool for Diddy, every season a brand new bunch of young pups to exploit for the show and its not about the band, its about DIDDY, and then the show I want to work for DIddy. It makes you want to puke. 50 may not put out the hits anymore but he still speaks the truth and says what others dont have the stones to say! #Click To Play If Embed Fails

(50 and Diddys Best Work)
50 cent and diddy puffy no way out

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